The Urge To Still Compete

Cory Gregory


     Once we leave the world of high school or college sports there’s no one cheering, there’s no goals or practice, and no tribe or camaraderie.  When this happens, I think we lose something extremely important. 


     The great thing about strength sports is that you can continue on well beyond just high school or college.  One aspect that has kept me on track and led me to success all of these years is always having a date on the calendar.  There’s always an event I can sign up to test myself.  It all started when I was 17 years old competing in my first powerlifting meet, and now at age 39 I just finished another powerlifting meet this weekend.  I’ve been competing for 20+ years, in over 30 powerlifting meets. 


     When you have the rush of competition, accountability, days on the calendar and a group of people to train with, you are continually setting yourself up to succeed.  It’s more than a plastic trophy or a personal record.  I believe it’s a lifestyle that helps breed success.  It’s why I love Powerlifting so much.  This is why I strive to create more interest in the sport through programs and online meets.  It’s been one of my main passions since I was 17 years old and I’m extremely blessed to impact a great amount of people.


     If you are looking for something to light a fire within, sign up for a local meet that has drug testing.  Put yourself in a position to do something uncomfortable such as going for a max lift in front of a crowd over three tries, even with the possibility of bombing out.  This past weekend is a perfect example because I needed to hit my third squat to continue competing.  It’s a truly a test of your character to see how you are going to respond. 


     It doesn’t even have to be powerlifting.  Create a goal that will challenge you the same way it used to back in high school or college.  How can you get that feeling back?  Through different aspects of fitness such as Powerlifting, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, etc. You can rediscover this feeling to make you feel alive again.


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