The Ultimate Pre Workout Combo

Wes Jurden


     When it comes to getting the most out of your workout, nothing gives you that extra boost like a good pre-workout drink. Our clinically proven, properly dosed pre-workout, puts you in the zone to go crush any training session. With over 400mg of caffeine in each serving, one scoop packs a major punch! But there is a way to stack this supplement to make the feeling even better.


     Even though the pre-workout already has 1,500mg of creatine monohydrate, I feel the best benefit when I stack the pre-workout with our tri-blend creatine. Our tri-blend creatine contains 2,500mg creatine monohydrate and 1,250 mg of creatine AKG and HCL. This totals out to 6,500mg of creatine (pre-workout and creatine combined) or 6.5 grams. Studies show that the optimal dose of creatine is between 5-10g, so this puts me in the perfect range. When I stack these two together not only does my energy feel great because of the caffeine, but my strength feels amazing because of the extra creatine.


     But our pre-workout product is much more than just a boost of energy. Everyone has walked into the gym on arm day hoping to get a massive pump and fell short. You do endless amounts of preacher curls, but you cannot seem to get the blood into your biceps. Well, with 3,000mg of citrulline malate, you will not be disappointed in the pump that you get from our pre-workout. Citrulline malate acts as a nitric oxide booster which helps promote blood flow to the working muscles. The more blood flow you get into your muscles, the bigger your pump is going to be. Even better, when the citrulline malate in the pre-workout is stacked with the tri-blend creatine, you can expect the biggest pump of your life!


So head over to the build a stack and pair yourself up with some pre-workout and creatine.


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