The Ultimate Arm Superset

Dustin Myers


Welcome to the Arm Superset of the Week with today's host Dustin Myers!  Are you looking for a quick arm superset that is guaranteed to leave both you and your training partner with a MASSIVE arm pump?  I got you covered!

The set up is simple - throw a medium weight on an EZ Curl bar and partner up for some good old fashioned "Buddy Curls".  Buddy Curls are a descending ladder rep scheme, from 10 down to 1, for 10 sets.  Each set you lower the rep count by 1 and then your partner matches you.  In the traditional "buddy curl" style, you would typically stand off to the side and wait, resting briefly while your partner completes their reps.  The twist for this workout is rather than rest, you will complete as many diamond style tricep push ups as possible while your partner is curling.  Their literally is no rest during the ten consecutive supersets of curls and diamond push ups.  Give this Arm Superset a try and let us know what you think!


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