The Truth About Abs Pt.8: Weak Transverse Abdominis

Cory Gregory


     There’s many people out there that start to see their abs, but there stomach looks extended.  Now I’m not talking about the drug use from bodybuilding, but rather I’m talking about those people that are lean enough to begin seeing their abs, but their stomach sticks out and doesn’t look tight.  It’s almost like they can’t hold their stomach in.  I’ve seen this in both people that have abs and people that don’t have abs, and I always used to wonder about this.


     As I started to do my homework and research, I discovered that some people out there have a weak transverse abdominis.  The transverse abdominis runs behind your “so called abs” (the ones you can see).  Through studying this muscle, I learned that one of its main functions is to stabilize the area and hold the wall tight together.  An easy example to highlight is pregnant woman because when women get pregnant and their stomach stretches out, the result is their transverse abdominis getting weaker. 


     I also want to point out that when powerlifters, bodybuilders, etc. take lots of Growth Hormone, an extended stomach is a common side effect.  Regular people that are trying to get abs that are having this problem are able to incorporate exercises such as the Vacuum to help strengthen this region of your abs.


     Start off by adding Vacuums into your routine for 3-5 sets of 30 second holds.  You can do this exercise either standing up or sitting down.  The best way to explain this exercise is to think about sucking your stomach as far as you can to where you can see your ribcage.  That is a vacuum.  I’ll include a photo of a pose that I have practiced off and on for a long time that many bodybuilders have used over the years. 


     When your transverse abdominis gets stronger over time, you will see that your waistline will begin to appear much smaller.  It also becomes much easier to keep your belly button pulled in because of how much tighter you are.


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