The Truth About Abs Pt.6 - Love Handles

Cory Gregory


     A lot of people come to and say, “I weigh 180 lbs, but I got these love handles.”  They only want to go down to 170lbs.  Well, news flash, you might have to get down to 150lbs to completely lose them.  When you have fat in those areas, you are going to have to take your body fat down, in the healthiest way possible, over time.  It isn’t going to happen in four or even eight weeks.  It may take six months.  Just know, if you want to get your physique to that level, you are going to have to take your body fat levels to sub 10% to get there.  This requires some serious discipline.


     Think about it like this.  The way that those love handles were created was by being undisciplined in your eating for a long time.  On the flipside, the way that they leave is by being extremely disciplined for a long time.  They won’t disappear overnight, but it can happen if you commit to the process.  I’ve seen guys who had love handles and a belly, then commit to the process and totally shred it down to stage worthy abs.  I’ve seen it fucking happen a bunch of times.  It can happen, but just know the process is going to be longer than you want it to be.  You are going to have to have your fat burner dialed in, your nutrition dialed in, and your conditioning and training on point.


     Pack your lunch and pack your bags, because it’s going to get real.  Discipline is mandatory.  You must mentally and physically set some goals to get the job done.  Sure I’ve seen it done in shorter periods of time, but I want you to do it in a healthy manner.  I’m here to tell you the hard truth.  Your love handles aren’t going to leave in four weeks.  Through consistent hard work and discipline, you can slowly chip away at your love handles to give yourself the results you want.


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