The Truth About Abs Pt 4

Cory Gregory


     People always ask me about what to do for oblique training.  Obliques are a tricky and interesting body part to train.  I see a lot of people in the gym doing side bends with heavy dumbbells (and these have a place), but the way I train my obliques is straight from the master Frank Zane.  All I read about, I asked about and I saw happen to myself, all dealt with making your obliques disappear.


     Never train your obliques to be thick because it creates a wide waist.  Train them to disappear.  The old-school bodybuilders believed in getting in shape with high rep stick twists and lots of abs.  At the end of the day it came down to diet and conditioning.  I would do 100-200 stick twists in a workout (sitting on a bench or standing), really focusing on rotating the torso from side to side. 


     Have your diet, supplements and training in line with the Stick Twist.  Start with 100-200 reps with your head and hips in line, twisting your torso from side to side.  By incorporating the stick twist into my routine, my obliques became nasty.  I believe that it’s because I NEVER trained them for thickness.  The obliques are tricky because some people already have wide waists, and if you thicken them up on top of it, then you can create some problems for yourself.


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