The Truth About Abs Pt.10

Cory Gregory


     Metabolism is the key.  If you want to have abs all year round it can’t be dependent on doing hours of cardio and eating low calories.  It has to be dependent on having enough muscle mass, which ultimately burns more calories at rest.  Building the metabolism through more intense versions of conditioning (sprint, lunges for distance, etc.) is the way to go in my opinion.  You build this locomotive train that picks up a momentum that is difficult to stop.  Even if you screw up, this will help you combat some of the “mess ups” because the metabolism base has been built.


     To build a faster metabolism you must eat well and keep quality carbohydrates, fats and protein in your diet on a consistent basis.  It takes a while and doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s something that happens in the long-term and feeds over into maintaining your hard-earned abs.


     The guys that look like they are maintaining their abs is because of one of two things: they were born with amazing genetics or they built their metabolic level so high that they can roll around at a lower body fat percentage on a regular basis.  I’ve had it this way off and on my entire life when I’ve put the work in, and it’s an amazing feeling.


     Through proper supplementation such as using the Fat Burner here at Max Effort Muscle, utilizing the diet plan that you can commit to, and having your conditioning right, then you are well on your way to building the metabolism you need to build those abs.


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