The "Purple Drank"

Ronda Rousey


What is one of Ronda Rousey's FAVORITE Max Effort products to help her stay hydrated and speed up recovery?!  She loves the Grapesicle Lemonade Post Workout AKA "Purple Drank". 

If Ronda is doing a low energy workout and doesn't want to use the Max Effort Pre Workout which gets her super amped up she will use the Max Effort Post Workout to kickstart her recovery as well as keep her hydrated during her workout.  Ronda will also use the Grapesicle Lemonade throughout the day because as she says, "It tastes like Purple Drank.  But, it is healthy Purple Drank.  I kid you not, it tastes like Angel Bathwater!" 

Ronda is a true believer in the Grapesicle Lemonade Post Workout and says it is Absolutely Delicious!  Each scoop of the Max Effort Post workout has 10 grams of BCAAs and 5 grams of Glutamine.  For all athletes out there it is USADA Approved!!!! Clean Athletes!!!  So head over to our shop page to get your Grapesicle Lemonade Post Workout AKA "Purple Drank" today!


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