The Other Benefits - Max Effort Shaker

John Fosco


Welcome back to another episode of #theotherbenefits with Max Effort Co-Founder John Fosco Today John is going over the other benefits of the Max Effort Muscle Premium Shaker Cup.  You obviously know that you can take it to the gym.  You obviously know that you can mix up your protein with it.  You know that you can take it to your friends house. You that you can take it to the car.  BUT!!!!  WHAT ARE THE OTHER BENEFITS????  Let John tell you and pay close attention!  There is a secret compartment in the shaker that you can store your Max Effort Test Booster pills in!!!!  If you have a secret compartment where you can store your Test Booster pills and Max Effort Pre Workout then that is undeniably another benefit!  So keep your eyes peeled for up coming shaker deals because the shaker are limited edition and are only available when we run specific deals!!


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