The Mental Aspect Of Strength Training

Jason Newlan


     You’ve probably heard it 1000 times the mind is much more powerful than we believe. In strength training I don’t think it could be more true. Us, as humans, can do many things that at one time were not possible. The fastest mile time in the world has gotten over 30 seconds faster in the past 100 yrs. 25 years ago a 600lb squat was considered the top 5 in the world. Now there are people squatting well over 1000 lbs. People haven’t changed over this time. We look the same and do everything the same, im not saying methods haven’t improved because they very well have. I am making the point that our mind plays a big role in setting new records. Look at any sport or any record, almost every time a new record is broken, multiple people hit that number or time right after its done. Then the race begins to see who can mentally break past and hit a new record. This happens time and time again.


     Your mind, it's so real! It plays a huge part whether your at the lowest level or the highest “record breaking” level I just spoke on. Your mind plays tricks on you, It can very easily make you 20% weaker or 20% stronger if you let it. The number 20% is a big number that can be upwards on 100lbs on either end. There was a study done in powerlifting where they put trash bags over top the weights so the lifters couldn’t see how much weight they were lifting and the average amount of weight lifted was 70 lbs more than the lifters all time max, meaning they were strong enough to lift that weight the whole time, however mentally the just couldn't find a way to do it.


     Now what does all this matter, how does this help you. Just hear me out,  I want you to take a step back from your training cycle, program, everything! The next time you go to the gym or to the sports field, I truly want you to give everything you have. You will be very surprised on what you can do if you can just convince your mind it's possible at first. For me, I would always tell myself the numbers I wanted to hit weeks before my lifting competitions. If I had a bad day or stuff came up, it just didn't matter because I was focused on the end goal. I beat the numbers into my head so much every single day that when meet day finally came, my mind won't let me fail. Try getting in this state of mind. Start believing that you are worthy enough to accomplish your goals!


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