The Full Body Pump

Dustin Myers


Here’s a quick full body burner that can be done in 35-40 minutes.  Taking a page out of Cory G’s book, Coach Myers uses bodyweight walking lunges as the cardio conditioning for this workout.  But rather than doing 10-20 minutes of continuous lunges at the start or finish of the session, this workout has them interspersed in 2 minute blocks between every round of each superset.  This will allow you to keep your heart rate up and your sweat going between heavy working sets, and because the lunges are broken up you should be able to go at a faster pace than normal for that 2 minute block.  The other benefit?  Rather than having a brief time-wasting transition to a bike or starting/stopping a treadmill, the lunges can be started exactly when you finish your set, allowing for an exact 2 minute time frame between rounds.


*2 minutes Walking Lunges between each round*

Superset 1 - 5 Rounds:

   DB Bench - 6 Reps

   DB Row - 6 reps each side


Superset 2 - 5 Rounds

   DB Shoulder Press - 8 Reps

   Lat Pull Downs - 8 Reps


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