The Challenge

Cory Gregory


The Challenge is can you be lean and strong at the same time? Do you have to be one or the other, or can you do both? This question always presented itself in my mind and I've been searching for a way to train, eat and supplement that would allow me to achieve both things. I believed it could be done. The Golden Era guys, through volume and training, were strong like powerlifters but looked like bodybuilders. However, they took other substances back in the 70s. I set out to achieve that Golden Era feel but on a drug-free agenda. I still wanted to look aesthetically pleasing but move the kind of iron that most guys aspire to.

It was a challenge that I posed to myself when I attempted the muscle trifecta; an Olympic lifting meet on Friday, a bodybuilding show on Saturday and a Powerlifting meet on Sunday. Fast forward a couple years later and the birth of the OPBA, which is a true organization that has bodybuilding one day and powerlifting the next with a combined points total and an overall champion. So can it be done? The answer is yes. To what level? I think that as more shows unfold we'll see that. Still, my ultimate goal is to pull off, in the same weekend, a winning level physique and then be able to perform an elite total the next day. To me, this would be the epitome of being able to do both. It's an extremely strong challenge but one that I know a lot of people can reach long term. I like that it opens up the mind to do both.

The way the fitness world is evolving, I think this is a really good hybrid between CrossFit competitions and the single powerlifting or bodybuilding. I think it's a good, in the middle type of competition. To me, the holy grail is can you be lean and strong? My answer is yes you can. You've got to take all of these Golden Era techniques, powerlifting techniques and mix them altogether to give you a physique and numbers you can be proud of. I'm challenging myself to do both and I'm challenging you to do the same. This is going to take more discipline on your diet, the supplements you're taking and your training regimen but it is completely possible. This will require you to go heavy, get in that GPP work to stay injury free and expect this at a drug free level. What this article is intended for is to make you think of all the possibilities because your mind is the only limitation you have.

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