The Carb Coma Cure Workout

Dustin Myers


Warm up: jog 1 mile or jump rope 10 minutes

Full Body Circuit:

[alternate exercises until reaching 100 Reps Each]

Bench - bar weight = bodyweight

Squat - bar weight = bodyweight

DB Row - DB = 1/2 bodyweight

Accessory Circuit:

5 rounds

Barbell Curl - 12

Tricep press down - 20

Ab Wheel - 20

Bike or stair master - 30 minutes

Congratulations.  You have successfully set the unofficial record for carbohydrate intake in a 24 hour period.  Mashed potatoes.  Pumpkin pie.  Homemade noodles.  From thanksgiving afternoon all the way thru black Friday’s unlimited leftovers, it’s been game on.  Now what?

Instead of letting all of those side dishes turn to fat while you lay around watching football, it’s best that you minimize the damage ASAP.

A high volume full body pump and some extended steady state cardio is just what the doctor ordered.

Start by jogging 1 mile or doing 10 minutes of jump rope.  Any cardio will work for this warm up, the key is to already have a good sweat going before you start your first set on the weights.

Next, load a bench bar and a squat bar with your bodyweight.  Round up if necessary (if you weigh 182, just throw 185 on both bars), and grab a dumbbell that is approximately 1/2 BW (95lbs in this example).  Start a circuit of bench press, squats and 1-arm rows with the goal being to complete 100 total reps of each as quickly as possible.  Use the bench press as your “pace” reps and then match reps on the back squat and each 1- arm row.  For example, if your first set of bench is 16 reps, then immediately do 16 reps of squat and 16 reps on each side of 1 arm rows.  Keep tally as you do as many rounds as it takes to reach 100, always starting with max reps on the bench.  Take only as much rest as necessary between rounds.

Once the full body circuit is complete, bang out 5 rounds of barbell curls, tricep press downs, and ab wheel with little to no rest.  Hop on a bike or stair master for 30 minutes and keep that sweat going. 

Now you’re ready to watch some football…and maybe one more day of pumpkin pie.

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