The Body Is The Servant To The Mind

Cory Gregory

     This line was first said to me by Maurice Clarett a long time ago.  It showed me why Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile, why people have squatted 1000+ pounds, and why people do things that seem impossible.  Their mind is stronger than others.  Their mind is so strong that the body naturally follows.


     Many miss this crucial point.  If you can work to get better mentally, then you can better control the physical part of the game.  Sure there are physical limitations, but you should never allow your mental capacity to limit your physical capacity. 


     This is something I’m currently working on with my 10-year old daughter, Madeline.  She has unbelievable skill in gymnastics but is limited by her mind on certain skills.  When you’re swinging on parallel bars, attempting to get a skill for the first time, the fear and doubt start to creep in.  You begin thinking, not reacting.  Even at the age of 10, I’m still preaching to trust the process and be confident and let the body follow the mind.


     I prepare for my powerlifting meets by handling these heavy weights on a regular basis so when it comes to meet day there is no question of doubt in my mind.  Thoughts manifest themselves whether they are positive or negative.  If the body is a servant to the mind, then I want to make sure that my mind is thinking things that are going to set me up to be successful.  Just remember when stuff starts creeping in your mind, the faster you push it out the important it is.


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