The Biggest Key For Shoulders

Kelsey Lensman, ATC


Elbow. If I were asked to have one key word to focus on when doing any shoulder movement (specifically raises, flies, etc.) it would be elbow. Elbow? Really? YUP.

Your shoulder muscle is your deltoid. It connects the main section of your upper body to your arm (along with many, many others).  But, that’s the muscle everyone sees and wants when they do shoulder day.

You’ll see people do lateral raises, front raises, rear delt flies, etc. to build that bad boy up. People will hold DBs in their hands and raise their arms up. The biggest key for this is keeping that ELBOW high! Your elbow is in the middle between the DB (load/weight) and your shoulder. Your elbow is what determines if you’re truly working your deltoid or not.

Elbow high = working deltoid.

Elbow drops = not working deltoid as much.

So keep that elbow high during all raises and flies. Focus on DRIVING with that elbow.  Regardless if you are bending your elbow or keeping your entire arm straight – focus on driving and keeping that elbow high at all times!

Easier = bent arm. Shortens distance from the load (weight) and the shoulder. Shorter level arm  = easier.

Harder = straight-arm. Lengthens distance from the load (weight) and the shoulder. Longer lever arm = harder. 

Either way – keep that elbow high.  As always – train hard and train smart!