The AB Wheel

Cory Gregory


The ab wheel is a staple in my ab training and development, and played a huge role early on in my career for bodybuilding and magazine shoots.  My ultimate goal is to thicken my abs to the point that you can literally put a finger in the ab grooves when I'm getting ready for a shoot.  By executing this ab exercise with the correct form,  you too can sculpt some bricks.



When getting set to do ab wheels, it is important to set your back in the correct position.  Starting with a rounded back, like a scared cat, is where you want your starting position to be.  What we don't want to see is your back overextended or arched.




As you begin to lower yourself while rolling the wheel out, you want to maintain a tight core.  When I say "tight core," I mean I want you to squeeze your whole abdomen to keep that rigid position.



Being completely solid in this exercise is extremely important at the bottom shown here.  If you aren't, it will cause your back to overextend and could cause you to feel it in your back (which isn't the purpose here).  After rolling the wheel out so you are parallel with the ground, you will reverse the movement back to the starting position.

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