The 5 Supplements I Wish I Had in College

Jacob Pontius


I graduated from college three years ago and there are five products that Max Effort Muscle carries that I wish I had while I was on campus.


Here is my College Stack:


  • Amphetamax: The world’s best brain/productivity supplement, hands down. I took Adderall while I was in college, and this is a great healthy and natural alternative. I can do any kind of work for hours at a time with no distractions.
  • Post Workout: Aside from the many great benefits that post workout provides, I have also noticed that if I take my post workout right before I go to sleep after a night out, it drastically reduces my likelihood to have any headaches or sickness the morning after.
  • Tri-Blend Protein: When I was in the library for long hours and couldn’t get to any healthy food, it would have been great to have a healthy alternative to grab while I was there.
  • Greens: Getting your daily greens is essential, and it makes it a lot harder to accomplish this at a college dining hall. A lot of the time you don’t control your portions, and when you do, the taste/freshness of the vegetables aren’t great. Our greens product has an amazing natural raspberry flavor that I believe is the best flavor profile on the market.
  • Energy: In college I consumed far too much coffee, which meant that I spent far too much money on coffee. Our energy supplement is a great, healthy alternative and at $34.99 for 30 servings, it is much cheaper than coffee as well!


And, as always our XL Stack comes with a free t-shirt to rep at the rec center as well!

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