Taking A Walk With CoryG - Episode 2

Cory Gregory


Cory Gregory is back with a little series called Taking A Walk With CoryG.  In Episode 2 Cory is going over how he created and formulated the Best Selling Max Effort Muscle Pre-Workout.  The first thing that Cory wanted to make sure of was there was NO CRASH!  So many people are taking other pre-workout supplements before their workouts only to crash hard as the supplement wears off.  Cory made sure that he formulated the Max Effort Pre-Workout in a way that doesn't cause you to crash and also aids you in your performance.  Not to mention the Laser Focus that you are going to receive when taking it. The second thing it needed to have was remarkable mixability and an award winning taste.  The mixability and taste are two things that are undervalued in the supplement industry and Cory has set out to change that.  That is why at Max Effort we take pride in these two areas to make sure we are giving our customers the best experience possible!  Head over to our shop page and get your Max Effort Pre-Workout today!

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