SUPER Fast Fat Loss Treadmill Workout

Cory Gregory


I have a secret treadmill workout that I used to do when I had to play catchup for a photoshoot.  Are treadmill workouts something I like to do or enjoy?  No.  BUT, it is highly effective and does work.

This treadmill workout is based off of a basic interval system that I would continuously do for up to 60 minutes.  I resorted to this style of training when I was behind on my conditioning or needed a good sweat.

It’s very simple.  I would start by walking for 5 minutes at a 10-15% incline (at around 3.6-4.0mph), then drop it down to a 0% incline and jog for five minutes (at around 7.0-8.0 mph).  I would alternate this pattern for a total of 60 minutes.

What you will discover as you get deeper into the workout is that the incline walks become much more difficult than the runs.  By alternating back and forth, you can keep your heart rate maintained in a higher range for the entire 60 minutes.  

If you are stuck at a plateau or just need something fresh, throw this workout into the mix. It will make you a sweaty mess!


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