Strong Arm Robbery

Dustin Myers


Sometimes a workout is just a workout.  Sometimes you may want to revisit it down the road, and other times it may be a one and done.  It served it’s purpose and is soon forgotten.  Then there are the workouts that just start out as a vague idea and somehow morph into such a monumental session of hugeness that you not only want to revisit it another time but also document it in social media posts.  Those workouts are great, but only every so once in awhile does one of these swole sessions actually deserve a name.

            A few Saturday mornings ago, I had a bunch of my athletes coming to Old School Gym for an “optional” workout.  Our lifts during the week are very structured and planned out in advance so I usually reward the guys who wake up early saturday with a nice arm pump.  My initial idea was some heavy weighted Chin Ups and Dips, along with some bicep and tricep supersets and some core work.  From that simple framework, the infamous Strong Armed Robbery was born.

            At the start of Strong Armed Robbery, hit a few sets of chin ups and push ups to get your upper body nice and warm.  Go as heavy as possible on the sets of weighted chin ups.  For reference, I used an 88lb Kettlebell for my 3 set and a 106lb KB for a double.

            Start the bicep superset with heavy cheat curl negatives on a barbell for 3 reps.  Use your hips to cheat the bar up slightly (we used 135lbs) but then lower it under control for a full 5 second negative.  Immediately go to the preacher curls before finishing up with a set of max reps on Ring Rows or Bodyweight Slant Rows.  Lay under the rings or barbell (in a rack) and using an underhand grip row your chest up to the bar.  Keep your body perfectly straight.  Rest 1-2 minutes between rounds.

            Go heavy as possible on the weighted dips and avoid going to low on the heavy sets - I think the lock out is more important and the stretch at the bottom can put your shoulder in jeopardy.  I ended my set of 5 with a 106lb KB plus 2 chains (16lbs each) around my neck for 7 reps.  For the final set with no weight I did 82 unbroken dips.  The tricep superset is pretty self explanatory, make sure to rest 1-2 minutes between rounds.

            For the core work, we did the stations with a partner, trading off for 2 sets before moving on to the next station (rather than supersetting).  Advanced athletes with a strong core should do the Lay Outs with their feet elevated on a box or bench.



  1. Weighted Chin Ups - 8,5,3,2


  1. Superset: 5 sets

            Cheat Curl Negatives - 3

            Preacher Curls - 8

            Ring Rows - Max Reps


  1. Weighted Dips - 10,8,5

            + 1 set Max Reps with no weight


  1. Superset: 5 sets

            Overhead Tricep Extension - 5

            DB Skullcrushers - 10

            BW Skullcrushers - Max Reps


  1. Core: 2 sets each

            Ab Wheel - 15

            Band Crunch - 20

            Ring Lay Outs - 10

            Hyper Extension - 25 (second set weighted for 10 reps)

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