Squat Set Up Tips

Jason Newlan


Screwing your feet into the ground!

This simple cue, can add a ton of weight to your squat as well as allow you to move more efficiently. Here is why screwing your feet into the ground is so essential.

By screwing your feet into the ground, you are creating torque throughout your whole body which makes you tighter, have better leverages and be able to generate more force through the ground. Think of using a wrench. If you try to tighten a bolt with just your hand it's very hard to get it tight. But if you use a wrench it makes it 10x easier and also allows you to screw the bolt in tighter. Think of the wrench as your lower body. Try to get it as tight as possible by screwing your feet into the ground. Externally rotate as hard as you can and brace for the weight. You will instantly feel the difference if you have been squatting flat footed for a long time. Screwing your feet into the ground will create more torque throughout your body and give you a stronger squat in return.

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