Shoulder Superset Rep Hold Method

Dustin Myers


Welcome to the Shoulder Superset of the Week with today's host Dustin Myers!  Today Dustin is going to show you a great Shoulder Superset using the Rep Hold Method.  His superset pairs together shoulder flys (lateral raise) with shrugs, first by applying the Rep Hold Method, then as another set of heavy regular reps. When using the Rep Hold Method the number of the rep corresponds to the length of time you will hold the isometric contraction.  Do 5 total rounds.

Superset: 5 rounds

Rep Hold Flys - 10*

Rep Hold Shrugs - 10*

Flys - 10 (heavy as possible)

Shrugs - 10 (heavy as possible)

*on the 1st rep pause for 1 second, 2nd rep pause for 2 seconds, 3rd rep for 3 seconds, and so on until you pause for a full 10 seconds on the 10th rep. 


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