Shadow Boxing With Weights

Travis Browne


Welcome back to another episode of Technique Daily!  Today Travis "Hapa" Browne is going to show you why you should Shadow Box With Weights in your hand.  One reason being is that it gives you a good shoulder workout.  The second being that it teaches you to keep a tight fist, flexed forearms, but loose shoulders.  You see people shadow boxing with their arms out and open hands like Muhammad Ali.  He's was the best in the world so he could get away with it but you need to get this technique out of your mind.  When you shadow box you want to have a clinched fist nice and tight so you can get used to it when you are throwing punches in a fight.  You're not going to be throwing punches with soft open hands.  The way that you can create this habit of clinched fists is using weights.  Using 2lb dumbbells it's easy to train your body to keep a clenched fist with the first two fingers, forearms tight, and nice lose shoulders.  Try Shadow Boxing With Weights let us know what you think!


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