Secret Stretches For A Big Deadlift

Jason Newlan


     When you think of ways to deadlift, the top things that come to mind are all kinds of crazy variations, rep methods, and tempo sets to increase your deadlift number. While I do use all the variations, this secret I'm about to share with you has helped my deadlift the most and I didn’t even have to touch a single weight!


     The secret to a big deadlift is being mobile enough to get in the correct position to deadlift the most efficient way. Unfortunately, it's way easier said than done but I am going to give you a stretching sequence that you should be doing often if you want to be in the best position to deadlift the most weight.


     First, let's talk about about the correct position to deadlift. Sumo or conventional your position matters so much, When I finally became mobile enough to deadlift I added 80 lbs very quickly because of it. The deadlift is one of the first movement patterns as humans we learn, however through years of being sedentary sitting in school, sitting in an office at work, sitting in front of a TV, we have lost that. This sequence is going to get your hips active, mobile, and maybe for the first time in a long time allow you to control your hips. Once you establish control you will see your deadlift positioning become way better because of how big a part hip control plays in the deadlift.


Hips Sequence

Sit in the following position that I’ve shown below with your hips spread to the floor. This is the “Frog-Stretch”. Sit as far as you can back, trying to sit on your heels and then coming as far as you can forward trying to touch your pelvis to the floor. After this immediately switch to the second position of “90/90 Pigeon” and while staying as straight as possible, lift up your hip off the ground as high as you can while keeping it all in a straight line. Hold this position for 1 second and slowly bring your hip back down. I do 2 rounds of 10 reps each hip as I begin to work up in the deadlift. This stretch sequence teaches control of the hips as they are very, very important in the deadlift. Over time this will increase mobility and position because you will have much more control over your hips.


Application: Do this hip sequence before your next deadlift day as a warmup. Transition from position to position doing 2 rounds of 10 reps each stretch. If you have any further questions refer to the video. I believe doing this consistently will take your deadlift to the next level as well reduce many injuries that deadlifting with bad form brings.

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