Seated Tug A War

Dustin Myers


Dustin Myers & Logan Stieber are here to show you a great strength and conditioning tool to use with your team.  You will need about a 40-50 foot rope and you are going to do a seated tug a war.  Logan is going to pull Dustin in hand over hand while Dustin is using his legs to create resistance and also a little bit of movement to make it tough.  You will let them win but at the same time make them work for every foot of the rope.  When creating the resistance really dig your heels in and try not to take big of steps.  The closer you get the harder you should really dig your legs in.  As soon as they pull you in all the way trade with your partner.  You are going to do this back and forth 3 times.  Give the Seated Tug A War a try and let us know what you think!


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