Sackway Show

Max Effort Muscle


Everyone has probably seen a fashion show or runway show of some sort in their days.  Maybe the Victoria Secret Fashion Show where they wear the wings and stuff????  Well I'm here to tell you that this is nothing like that at all.  This is the Max Effort Sackway Show and our models are here to show you the hot new Max Effort Apparel.  Our models are rocking the latest @johnfosco and @verawanggang collection that was just released!



@jacobjpontius rocking the Longhorn Tank-Top

@jermh4real wearing the Blite T-Shirt

@alexwehri representing the Max Original T-Shirt and the flower pot hat

@landon_sutton21 exhibiting the Team Max WB T-Shirt

@jake_wintheday ripping the Max Original T-Shirt as well

AND @corygfitness styling and profiling the Max Train Bolt T-Shirt!

So if you were ever wondering, "Man I wonder how I would look in that shirt???"  We took the guessing work out for you and put our best models on the sackway just for you so you would not longer have to worry about making the wrong purchase!  After a short briefing from Cory Gregory on how to actually model, all of these guys are highly trained professionals.  Modeling is very challenging and requires a lot of skill and time dedicated to the game.  To show your support for the thousands of hours our models spend working on their craft we ask that you show your gratitude by clicking on the sideways triangle in the middle of the video.  We thank you for this amazing self-less act of kindness!


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