Russian Dip Challenge

Dustin Myers


This weeks #weeklyworkoutchallenge is from Dustin Myers who is challenging YOU to a Russian Dip Challenge.  You are going to start in a dip position, transition back onto your elbows as you bring your legs up into an L-Sit then pop back up.  The challenge is to do 5 or more of these russian dips.  These Are Tough!  Start up in the dip position on some parallel bars or some plyo boxes like Dustin is using come down to your elbows while you kick your legs straight out in front of you into and L-sit then back up into the dip position.  See just how many you can do if you want to beat Dustin!  Can you beat him?  Watch the video above to get the number to beat!  Give this Russian Dip Challenge a try and make sure to post them to Instagram and tag @coachmyers_gutcheck and @maxeffortmuscle 


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