Rope Climb Variations

Dustin Myers


Coach Dustin Myers is coming to you live from the Ohio Regional Training Center at Ohio State and today he is going to share with you one of his favorite strength and conditioning tools for wrestling that being the rope.  Why does Dustin love the rope????  It's versatile, there is probably one attached to the ceiling in every wrestling room in America.  It works those all important pulling muscles as well as your grip and can make you very strong.  The problem is though is that a lot of kids might not have enough upper body strength to do the rope or maybe you are doing them after practice and they are fatigued.  So you need some alternatives instead of just a regular rope climb. 

You have the regular rope climb and the legless rope climb but if you are not strong enough to do a rope climb you can do a variation where you lay down flat on your back keeping you legs straight and climb up to where you are just past 45 degrees then go back down. 

Rope climb downs are great for core strength where you will be standing keeping your abs tight as you climb down hand over hand do a skullcrusher at the bottom then climb back up.

Another would be a shoulder touch where you will start at the bottom of the rope standing and you will alternate touching your shoulders with the rope taking the rope around your head every time.  You don't want to let your hips drop on this you want to keep all that tension in your abs.  

Of course if you are really tough you can try an inverted rope climb.  You will start laying right underneath the rope, bring your legs up, try to keep you hips up high and climb to the top.  Give these Rope Climb Variations a try and let us know what you think!


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