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Accepting a new job and moving across the country:

Reece is moving from California to New Jersey to start a new job, as Head Coach of the New Jersey Regional Training Center (NJRTC). There, he will be in charge of the Senior Level Wrestling Program, working with elite wrestlers who are striving to make the Olympic and World team.

“I can’t wait to travel around the world and help these guys compete at the highest level,” Reece stated regarding his new responsibilities.

As all RTC’s across the country are tied to major wrestling universities, the NJRTC is affiliated with Princeton and Rutgers, enabling Reece to work with collegiate wrestlers in addition to those with their eyes set on the Olympic team.

While coaching for Titan Mercury in California, Reece worked with high schools and youth wrestling camps, which is something he enjoyed and looks forward to continuing to do in New Jersey. “I will be able to continue doing kid’s clubs in the New Jersey area. We will be getting kids from the surrounding states to come to these camps.  I’ll also be bouncing around to different high schools, working with some of the best young wrestlers on the East Coast.”


What are you looking forward to most about coaching at the senior level?

When asked what he was most excited about, the response from the 3 x US Open Men’s Freestyle Champ was simple.   “I’m pumped to get back to freestyle and working with the best of the best. I am excited to get more detail oriented and help fine tune technique. When working with high school kids, most of what we focus on is fundamentals of the sport so I can’t wait to dive into the details.”


What tips would you give to wrestlers who want to transition to freestyle?

“Wrestle. Wrestle in every tournament you can make it to.  When you are getting used to freestyle, just throw yourself out there and get as much experience as you possible can. The more matches you get, the more opportunities you have to figure out what you need to work on.”  By putting the date on the calendar for competition, you create urgency in your training and give your actions a specific focus.  “Compete in everything and compete as often as possible.”

Anyone who has seen Reece performing his outrageous physical challenges  on Instagram knows that he is in tremendous shape. He wrestles twice each day and lifts weights three times per week. Even though this is a demanding workout schedule for an elite athlete - let alone a coach -  he has committed to increasing his training frequency in preparation for the move. “I am increasing my weight training to five times per week because I need to set a high standard for my new job. By setting new goals and doing the right things it puts me in the appropriate frame of mind to succeed at my new job.”

Anyone, not just wrestlers or coaches, can take a page out of Reece’s playbook when it comes to preparing for something new.   Leading up to the change, create new goals and increase your standards for yourself. This will raise the standard for those around you and prime you for success in any endeavor.


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