Preparing For a Big Lift

Zach Matheny


Walking out of the warmup room and onto the platform- there is no other feeling like it. All the work has been completed prior to this moment… it is time to ball out! How do you prepare for this moment? What is the best way to harness everything you have to capture this moment to the fullest? Below I will dive into how I mentally prepare for big lifts, specifically a meet day.

I was lucky enough to grow up playing very competitive youth soccer and being around collegiate coaches before I was even a teenager. I had one coach in particular who won a DIII national championship as a player/coach become my coach for 3-4 years in my youth. One of the best practices he taught us was visualization. He instructed that the week before a big tournament we visualize our position and all the critical actions we needed to execute. I played forward so I visualized scoring goals. I literally replayed the same goal being scored before bed every night. Did I ever score this exact goal I visualized many times? Probably not. However, there is importance to this: familiarity.

The idea is that we become so familiar with a moment or action that when it comes time to execute, delivery to 100% is the only option. I walk up to that bar, I remember a few words Cory G said to me once, and I let it fly. I personally do not like to get angry. Some think there is some benefit to this, but I try to be at such peace on the platform that my head is clear of only one objective: lift the weight. Why would I be angry doing the thing I love most in this world? I replay the action in my head once more, then execute.

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