Pre Workout....Man

Max Effort Muscle


While John and Cory were in the back room talking business, Jeremy Hanna was coming up with his own ideas to pitch them.  So after a little bit of thought Jeremy mustered the courage to share his ideas.  With the help of a scoop of Max Effort Pre Workout to the dome and wash it down with some Max Effort Post Workout, Jeremy is ready to go.

As John and Cory are bouncing ideas back and forth Jeremy comes running through the door but some how lost his clothes.  Some would say that he was a little too fired up to share his ideas but that didn't hold him back.  With a samurai sword in one hand and a jug of Max Effort Pre Workout in the other, Jeremy got so fired up that he couldn't even get out the words to share his ideas.  It's best that you just watch the video because we too are at a loss for words.


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