Pre Bench Shoulder Warm Up

Cory Gregory


Welcome to the Shoulder Superset of the Week with today's host Cory Gregory!  Today's superset Cory is going to show you a Pre Bench Shoulder Warm Up to help you get your shoulders and back locked in.  Cory does this superset ever time before he benches.  Very simple!  Take 5lb dumbbells and have your arms bent at 90 degrees.  Take the dumbbells and rotate them down and back up to get a good rotator cuff warm up.  You are going to want to do 25 reps then right into a modified rear delt fly.  The dumbbells will be at your sides and you will take them out to your side and squeeze the rear delts and triceps.  You will hit this for 25 reps as well.  Supersetting these two exercises together before you bench is really going to help you get locked in loaded under the bar.  4 sets: Rotator Cuff - 25 reps, Rear Delt Fly - 25 reps.  Give this Pre Bench Shoulder Warm Up a try and let us know what you think!


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