Practical Experience

Cory Gregory


I’ve never learned from the traditional, academic standpoint. Instead, I always viewed myself as a human guinea pig when it comes to supplements, diet and training. I firmly believe that it’s hard for someone to teach, unless they are teaching from their own personal experiences. While something may not always look like it’s going to work on paper, it’s all about how it works practically in an applicable environment.

Whether it’s a new training protocol, starting a new supplement or the way I look, feel and perform, I need to be able to see it in the mirror or feel a difference. It doesn’t matter what the “study” says or what’s written down on a piece of paper because if my body isn’t reacting to it in a real world situation, then it’s not working. My whole career has been forged on the whole idea of my programs working and that’s because for those who follow me, they know that I’ve tried it first and can see the difference. It puts me at an advantage to those who are speaking solely on their theory.

Regardless of whether it was my fasting, squatting every day or putting together Max Effort’s supplements from a formulation standpoint, I couldn’t speak on it until I saw the results, recovery, fat loss, taste, mixability and all of the things that every customer is looking for.

Again, nothing I do is a theory. It’s always something that I’ve experienced because when people ask me about my experience with certain protocols, I want to be able to give them my exact results. I’m not going to answer a question that I don’t already know from experience. A lot of times people think that I’m overly confident but in reality, it’s all about time involved. When you actually live this lifestyle the way I do then there’s nothing to be shaky about.

I’m never going to be able to out-science someone but what I am able to do is speak from the highest practitioner’s level that my body can experience. When working with Dr. Serrano, I first became that human guinea pig. He already knew that I would stick to anything he asked me to because I was so disciplined and wanted a true result. In a sense, it turned me into this human application machine and that’s why when I’m putting out a new program, it’s because I’ve tried it. When I’m releasing new supplements, it’s because I’ve tried it. And when I’m asking you to give Max Effort Muscle a shot, it’s because I already have!

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