Pause Pull Deadlifts

Jason Newlan


The deadlift is a tricky enough movement to learn and a whole lot harder to progress. I’m still trying to find weaknesses in my deadlift and work on it to build my deadlift up. One of the most common spots myself and many other people have with their deadlift is failing right at their knees. They can rip it off the floor, and as soon as it gets to their knees it feels like a brick wall to get through. Once the bar gets past the knees it's an easy way to lockout. The reason failing at the knees is so common for the deadlift is because at the knees the bar is the furthest away from the hip joint, putting the most stress on the lower back.

That being said we all could use more and more lower back work in our training. To blow past this sticking point that most of us have we need to train in that position “right at our knees”  for an extended period of time. Once we get strong in this vulnerable position it will make hard deadlifts turn easy because our body is used to it.

This is where Pause Pulls come into the picture. Deadlifting the weight off the floor and pausing right at the knee, then exploding through the hips locking the deadlift out.

Doing these over time will make “failing at the knees” no longer a problem. My best pause pull deadlift is 550 for 3, pausing 1 second right at the knee. These can be done sumo or conventional and I have experienced a massive carryover in my regular deadlift.

Check out the full video below and if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask @Jason_Newlan

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