Pan American Championship Recap

Logan Stieber


For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Logan Stieber. I wrestled at The Ohio State University and am a 4x NCAA Champion, a 4x Big Ten Champion, a Hodge Trophy Winner, a 4x All-American athlete and am the defending World Champion.

I recently participated in the Pan American Championship in Salvador, Brazil where I placed 3rd overall. I won my first match with a tech fall 15-5, but lost my second 13-12 to a Cuban wrestler. The Cubans are excellent competitors and, while I obviously want to win every match I’m in, I couldn’t be too upset.

This tournament was a great learning experience for me, and a nice tune up for June, which is when I’ll be competing to make it onto the 2017 World Team.  The process for making the World Team is the same as the Olympic Team, the only difference is that the Worlds are held on the non-Olympic years.  You have to be the best wrestler in the country at your weight.  The ultimate goal is to win the World Team Trials in June and make it to Paris in August.

Before then I’ll be competing in Beat the Streets, which is an annual tournament and fundraiser held in New York City. I’ve wrestled in it before and I really like this event because I’ll be wrestling right in Times Square as millions of people pass by.  I’ll be wrestling against a Japanese competitor, but as always, I’m confident I’ll come out on top.

With all of this coming up it’s important that I stay focused and healthy. When I was at Ohio State I trained under Dustin Myers and he remains a training partner of mine to this day. Because of the relationship we have, my roots are deep when it comes to Max Effort. I rely on my Post Workout Lemonade to help me through my workouts and especially afterwards when it comes to recovery. I’ve become addicted to the stuff and find myself drinking it all day, not just after training.   I know that with Max Effort in my corner I’ll be ready for any challenge that comes my way.

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