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Remember back in the day playing backyard football with your friends or maybe the neighborhood kids?  If you're like us you probably miss those days in the backyard.  We have found the solution to fix those long days in the offices reminiscing on the good times from your childhood.  We introduce to you the adult version of backyard football, OCFL (Office Chair Football League)!!!!  Now I know what you are thinking, How the hell do you play football in an office chair????  Pretty simple really.  Just get couple of your bestest buddies, a couple office chairs, and nice open area in the office to smash the shit out of each and you're good!  Don't think this is going to be a friendly game foosball.  When you put a group of competitive guys together, things can get interesting very quickly.....

Cory Gregory was all time quarterback and put together a stellar performance that has NFL scouts on watch.  Jacob and Alex were proven to be a dynamic duo that many sources are calling the greatest of all time in the OCFL (Office Chair Football League.)  Jeremy and Landon, two speedy golfers, have taken there talents to south beach to see how they match up in the OCFL.  This was a hard hitting match-up with plenty of action that will have you on the edge of your seat.  By the way, rolling around in an office chair will blow the shit out of your hammies.  Just sayin.  Anyway, highly recommend checking the vid out.  Pretty good stuff here


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