Not Your Traditional High Crotch

Clay Guida


Today Clay Guida is live from Old School Gym to show you how he has taken on so many of his opponents with a non-traditional high crotch takedown.  It is up against the fence which is where Clay has made a career out of taking opponents down.  So you are going to get into a high crotch up against the fence and make sure your head is always up on your takedown.  Instead of dumping them or lifting them or switching to a double you are going to lift your opponent to the sky in a clockwise direction almost like a pendulum is swinging.  This is going to leave your opponent basically on their head.  Once you take the opponent to the ground you can keep the ankle high and go ground and pound with the knee on the chest or the belly.  This is where Clay likes to end the fight.  Give this a try and let us know what you think!


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