Nobody Is Looking At You

Kelsey Lensman ATC


You walk in the gym. You look around and see guys in cut-offs lifting heavy weights that look like they know what they are doing, machines that you have no clue what they are even used for, different bars that confuse you, dumbbells that go heavier than you can even think about lifting, cable machines that you’ve seen in Instagram videos, but are unsure of what attachments to use, and you feel intimidated! You’re supposed to workout there in front of all those people? They look like they know what they are doing and you have no idea if you’re doing things right. They’re going to judge you and think you look like an idiot. You’re going to make a fool out of yourself. You’re going to embarrass yourself. Okay, maybe you’ll just go in a corner and try to do some exercises quickly so no one can see you.  Or maybe you’ll just stick to the cardio machines. Yeah, that’s where all the girls are. You’ll stick to cardio.


ATTENTION ANYONE THAT HAS EVER HAD THOUGHTS LIKE THIS (me included): NO ONE IS ACTUALLY LOOKING AT YOU. This is one of THE biggest fears and barriers that hold people back from beginning. It’s that fear that they look like a beginner. It’s that fear that others are going to judge them if they don’t know what they’re doing. It’s that fear that they don’t belong there and are embarrassed to even step of their comfort zone to try.


The thing is… you’re not alone. This was me. Actually, this was me about 6 months ago when I first stepped foot in my now home gym for the first time. I thought I had to look like I knew what I was doing. I thought that I had to prove that I belonged there or be able keep up with everyone. I was VERY nervous. It’s funny though because I wasn’t even that new to lifting. I had just competed in my first bodybuilding season and had been training for a few years. The point of that is – I STILL FELT LIKE THAT. You’re not alone in having those thoughts or those nerves. It’s okay. But I have one piece of advice. DON’T LET IT HOLD YOU BACK.


Why? Because you think way more people are looking, judging, and staring at you than actually are. Our brains LOVE to develop stories about the situations we are in and make ourselves believe a false reality. Just like that guy in the corner that glanced at you once. Now your brain is telling you that he ‘s been staring at you and judging you since the moment you stepped foot in here. He obviously is thinking about how dumb you are for being in here and that you don’t belong. NOT TRUE! The reality of it was he was actually just looking behind you to see what dumbbell to use and accidentally met eyes with you in the process. It’s funny how our brains try to play tricks on us and keep us in our comfort zone. Don’t let it!


You will be nervous your first time. Anything new is nerve wrecking because it’s new! You’re not experienced, nor should you be! But don’t let nerves or anxiety of thinking things that are not true hold you back. If you looked in a weight room I bet almost every person in there is nervous about looking dumb or out of place. Even the guys that throw up a ton of weight have insecurities. You’re not the only one that thinks that or the only one that goes through that in their head. There is one thing I promise you: no one is actually looking at you. I LOVE seeing new people in the gym. I love seeing it because I know what they had to go through to even get there. They should be proud of themselves for even overcoming that barrier to begin with, as should you be. Yes, you will mess up. Yes, you will not know if you’re doing something right. We ALL have. I have looked like a complete idiot in the gym. I have had no clue what I was doing at times. I was nervous people were judging me. But, break out of that shell. Break away from the cardio machines. If you want to try it don’t let other people hold you back. I will welcome you with open arms and take you step-by-step through each exercise. Give yourself the courage to go in there one day. It will be awkward. You will be nervous. But you never know… it might open up a new world that you absolutely fall in love with like me.


As always – train hard, but train smart too. Oh ya…. and go be the badass that you are.

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