No Plan B

Cory Gregory


When you talk to most people about creating success in their lives there’s always this talk about a “Plan B.”  I’m not sure if it’s coming from parents or society (or both), but it’s been ingrained into many people’s way of thinking.  What will you fall back on?  What is your security net?

I believe that is most of the problem.  As weird as that might sound, think about this.  If you are always thinking about “What can I do if it doesn’t work out?” you are already on the wrong path of thinking. 

I never had a fallback plan.  My only fallback plan (which wasn’t really one) was going back to coal mining.  I did it for six months, I knew that I didn’t want to continue long-term, I was the fourth generation and I wanted it to stop there.  I wanted to showcase that I could live my dream of what I truly wanted to be.

If I would have really focused on my Plan B and not only my Plan A working, I do not believe that it would have worked as well.  I had a burning desire for it to be successful, I dreamt about it many times over, and I never focused on a Plan B or it not working.  I only focused on my Plan A and the possibility of what it could look like one day.  The day dreams, taking the appropriate actions and work, consistency, and faith were all around what I wanted to be.

I believe that those things are looked upon in a different manner.  They think about setting up something else in case it doesn’t work out or they mention how their family is nervous for them because they aren’t using their degree.  There are a million things that are going to come into play here, but just realize that it’s not about anyone else but you.  You are the one that makes the decisions and you have to be fixated on it every day

It’s not for everyone.  And if it’s not for you, don’t think that you are some type of loser.  There are plenty of successful people out there that aren’t entrepreneurs.  That is okay.  It’s more about the quality of life and what can you achieve.  It has to take over your mind in order to happen, coupled with a burning desire for success.

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