New Years 2017 Rep Workout

Dustin Myers


2017 New Years Day

Are you ready to ring in the new year and get a jump on your goals for 2017? 

Every year on New Years Day I get together a group of my training partners for what has now become a yearly ritual - the year-rep workout.  With this being 2017, that means we will do 2017 reps, primarily all bodyweight exercises.  Here is this years workout, followed by the rules of engagement:


17 Muscle Ups

100  Pull Ups

100  Box Jumps

100  Dips

100  Slant Rows

100  Split Squats

100  Ring Push Ups

100  Chin Ups

100  Lunges

100  BW Skull Crushers

100  Ring Rows

100  Hamstring Bridges

100  Med Ball Slams

100  Step Ups

100  Stability Alternates

100  Push Ups

100  Bench Dips

100  Sledge Hammer

100  Ab Wheel

100  Reverse Hyper

100  Burpees

As you can see there are 20 different exercises for 100 reps each, plus a set (or multiple sets) of Muscle Ups to start things off.  If you are unable to do Muscle Ups, an acceptable substitute would be either Rope Climbs or heavy Barbell Clean and Press.  All exercises can be broken into multiple sets using either a Max Reps strategy (doing max reps each set until 100 is reached) or utilizing a set rep scheme such as 10x10 or 4x25.  You may superset no more than 2 exercises together at a time and match reps on both.  Make sure to do them in the correct order, so if you are supersetting you will be using different muscle groups in the superset (pull ups and box jumps, for example).

My goal for this workout is to complete it in under 2 hours and to do the final exercise (burpees) in one unbroken set.  Good luck and happy new year from all of us here at Max Effort Muscle!

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