Misdirection Method

Dustin Myers


The Misdirection Method was first devised by my mentor Dr. Eric Serrano as a way to incorporate quarter and half reps into a single repetition to help build isometric strength and stability. A typical misdirection rep scheme will begin by doing the entire eccentric portion of the movement, then several partial reps before completing the full concentric portion.

Using Squats as the example, take the bar out of the rack on your back and descend all the way down to parallel and then come up one quarter of the way. At that quarter mark, you're gonna hold for a three count.

After the three count, you descend back to the bottom of the squat. Now come up halfway and hold for a three count and then once again drop down to the bottom of the squat before exploding back up. That entire sequence equals one rep. Unless using it on bodyweight exercises such as pushups or body squats, it is best to utilize this method for 2-3 reps per set. 

To recap the Misdirection Tempo:  down, up 1/4 of the way and pause for 3 seconds, back down, up 1/2 way and hold for 3 seconds, down, up all of the way.

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