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As we continue to grow the brand at Max Effort Muscle, we hope you are enjoying see it unfold right before your eyes! What you do not see a lot of is the work that takes place in the trenches of the business. Customer service, website maintenance, packing orders, or any other essential task to a business's growth can often go unnoticed. With that being said, we want to introduce you to the great team that we have running the operations at the Max Effort Muscle headquarters.

Jacob Pontius: I am originally from Chillicothe, OH and graduated from Ohio University in 2015. After graduation, I was struggling to get a job and did not want to settle for something that I knew that I would not enjoy. So like any normal person, I began going to Old School Gym at 4 AM and became a part of the original #4AMCrew. After a few months of hanging around all of the guys, I began working as a full time intern with Activ8 Media while I was still delivering subs at my Dad's Jimmy Johns shop. After several more months of driving 3 hours round trip every day between the gym and work and working full time for my dad, I was offered a full time position with Activ8 Media and Max Effort Muscle. I am proud to say that I have now moved much closer to the gym and Max Effort Muscle and now reside in Pleasantville, OH.

Alex "Buzzy" Wehri: I’m from Delphos which is a small little town in Ohio about 15 miles from Lima. If you don’t know where that is at, it’s between Toledo and Dayton amongst the corn fields. Coming from a small town, I grew up working on my cousin’s farm where I got my first real taste of hard work. I can’t claim that I grew up on a farm but what I can tell you is I became a man on one. After high school, I attended Bowling Green State University where I graduated with Bachelors degree in Sport Management and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Upon finishing my course work, I moved to North Carolina where I did an internship at Hendrick Motorsports with the strength and conditioning staff. I thought the internship thing was so cool that I moved on from there down to Starkville, Mississippi where I interned with the Mississippi State Football strength and condition staff. After having a family situation, I moved back to Ohio which is where my time with Max begins.

Josh Moore: My name is Josh Moore, and much like most of you reading this, I am just a normal guy from small town America. Newark Ohio to be exact, I am a husband, father of 3, business owner and employee for Max Effort Muscle and Business & Biceps. About a year and a half ago I reached out to Cory Gregory over and over, almost to the point of annoyance in hopes of surrounding myself with better individuals and learning a thing or two about building a business, which I could ultimately put towards helping my personal business grow. After several months of interning I was offered a job within Max Effort and now assist with all outbound orders and the logistics of the record breaking Business and Biceps podcast!

Alex Costa: My name is Alex Costa, I am one of the guys in the office and warehouse helping out with a little bit of everything. We all work hard at Max Effort Muscle to ensure each and every customer is happy by the end of the day. I am from Newark, Ohio and am a trainer at a local gym. I got this opportunity to help with Max Effort because I knew Cory prior to this and stayed in touch on a consistent basis. I did not get lucky, I had to prove myself to him and keep showing up over the years to state that I could be of assistance. It has been a great benefit to my learning, especially the business side. I had created a fitness website and have learned many things on how great customer support, crazy ideas and business strategies can help me grow in the fitness industry. Max Effort for me personally means to give 110% effort every chance you have and not settling for average. In order to be great, you have to deliver your Max Effort in the gym, out of the gym and in life. I am very thankful to work with the guys in the office and all of the others involved in Max Effort Muscle, it has been a great learning experience and it’s all going up from here. Thank you to Cory and John for this opportunity

With all of that being said, the guys listed above are only the individuals from the video! There are so many more that have made the success of Max Effort Muscle possible and we THANK YOU!



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