Medicine Ball Push-up and Core Challenge

Dustin Myers


Need a quick push up challenge that will build core strength and increase upper body endurance?

Look no further.

This challenge combines two great bodyweight exercises: the med ball push up and a plank walk.

All you need is a 10lb plate (or something similar that will slide on a concrete floor) and a light (10-30lb) medicine ball.

Start by placing both of your feet on the metal 10lb plate.  Assume a push up position with your hands on the medicine ball, thumbs forward and fingers pointed outward.  Perform 5 push ups, then take one hand off of the ball and use your other hand to push it as far forward as possible.  Use your hands to “walk” forward to catch up to the med ball.  Keep your legs stiff.  Step your hands back up onto the ball and hit another set of push ups.  Repeat for 3-5 sets or for a set distance.  Make sure to maintain posterior pelvic tilt keeping your abdominals flexed to prevent your hips from sagging.