Max Incline Treadmill Sprints

Dustin Myers


Sprint Workout of the Week:


All intervals 15 seconds on/45 seconds off:

10mph 10% incline x 2

11mph 11% incline x 2

12mph 12% incline x 2

12mph 14% incline x 2

12mph 16% incline x 2

12mph 18% incline x 2

12mph 19.5% incline x 1 (fail)


Start off by performing a dynamic warm up and then jogging for 2-3 minutes.  Set the Treadmill to 10mph at 10% incline.  Perform a 15 second sprint, followed by a 45 second rest on the side rails.  One you have completed 2 warm up runs, raise the speed to 11mph and the incline to 11%.  Repeat 2 more runs of 15/45.  Raise the speed to 12mph and 12%.  After every 2 sprints completed at a given height, increase the incline by 2%.  This week the last set of 15 seconds on/45 seconds off that I completed was at 12mph 18% incline.  I attempted one go at 12mph 19.5% (this treadmill will go to 20% but will not allow a speed over 10mph at that height), but only survived for 11 seconds.  This height would be tough no matter what but after the 12 previous intervals it felt impossible.

Can you beat me?!?!?


If you are new to workouts like this, or do not have access to this type of treadmill (common treadmills only go up to 10mph and 15% incline), here are some optional ways to do the same workout:


1. Lower Speeds and Grade

Start with a more realistic warm up speed based on your abilities and then using the same run/rest ratio increase from there.  An example would be:

7mph 7% incline x 2

8mph 8% incline x 2

9mph 9% incline x 2

9mph 11% incline x 2

9mph 13% incline x 2

9mph 15% incline x 2

9mph 15% incline x 2

If you complete all 14 intervals, then on the next workout increase your speeds by .5-1mph.


2.  Max out your Treadmill

If you have a home treadmill or even some basic commercial ones, the top end speed will be 10mph and a final height of 15%.  If that is the case, do all intervals at speed 10mph, with the first 2 sets at 10% and 12% to warm up, and the remainder at 15%


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