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What happens when you combine pumpkins and the Olympics???? You get the Max Effort Pumpkin Games of course!  Cory and the Max Effort Office Dudes put their skills to the test in 5 pumpkin filled events to show just what they are all about. 


Event 1 was Pumpkin Shot Put and to be honest the technique used to slang these pumpkins was nothing short of impressive.

Event 2 was Pumpkin Keg Toss which turned into something out of pumpkin horror movie.

Event 3 was probably everyones favorite because they got to eat mother flippin pie in the Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest!!!  Plus they washed the goods down with some good old Lemonade Post Workout.  

Event 4 was Pumpkin Home Run Derby to see how far they could launch some mini pumpkins off the bat.  Furthest piece wins!

Event 5 was MERICA!!!!!!!!!!!  Mother Flippin Pumpkin Target Practice Boys!!!!!!!!  Watch as the guys pop off a couple rounds into some pumpkins with the most pumpkins hit wins!!!!  This event was the grand finally which you're not gonna want to miss!!!!  Shooters Shoot!!!!  It's time to get it!  Click that darn play button for America!!!!


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