Max Effort Gym Fails: Unracked

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Welcome to the Max Effort Gym Fails Of The Week with your host Cory Gregory!  Today's gym fail video is going to hit a little close to heart because we are using one of the 4am Crew members, Tyler Tredway who gets beat in bench press all the time by Cory.  But today we are going to watch his front squat which he has 365lbs loaded on the bar and he looks like he is ready to go.  He's got a headband on, not sure he has a real weightlifting belt on, he's wrapped up and he is ready to go.  Tyler walks the weight out and he is looking good.  He takes in his air and goes for it, hits the whole and bounces out of the bottom gets to the top and thats where things go wrong.  The problem is he was so excited that he got it that he went to his toes and tried to lean the bar back into the rack but that just don't work.  So Tyler tried to give Max Effort but it just didn't work out!  Give this video a watch for a great laugh!


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