Max Effort Gym Fails: Put Your Back Into It!

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Welcome to the Max Effort Gym Fails Of The Week with your host Cory Gregory!  Cory is joined in the studio by Jacob Pontius, Jeremy Hanna, Alex Wehri and special guest Cole Susac.  This week the guys are breaking down some great fails that just happened to be caught on video.  The first video they dive into is of a feller who has found a way to use the seated row machine to do weighted donkey kicks but in all reality he just looks like a jackass doing them.  Then they roll into a guy who has found a way to take his bench arch and neck strength to the next level by locking himself into the leg curl machine.  By the looks of this guy he probably benches a strong 135lbs.  

If that isn't enough, the next video is a CrossFit instructional video on how to do assisted handstand pushups.  This is an exercises that a lot of people struggle with in the CrossFit community and they now have found a way to modify the movement for beginners.  But forget CrossFit, the guy in the next video is jacked out of his mind.  This big guy has the bar loaded up with what looks to be around 765lbs for deadlift but pulls a huge rookie mistake by using fat grips as weight clips.  I mean it's very common mistaking the fat grips as clips.  They look almost identical.  The final video is rare footage of how Floyd Mayweather preps his core for a fight.  No more of the med ball to the gut!  He stepped it up a notch and took his training to the next level.  If you are looking for a good laugh, highly recommend giving this baby a watch.  If you have any Epic Gym Fails make sure to either DM us or tag us @maxeffortmuscle  


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