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Welcome to the NEW Max Effort Gym Fails Of The Week with your host Cory Gregory!  Cory is joined in the studio by Jacob Pontius, Jeremy Hanna, and Alex Wehri.  This week the guys are breaking down some great fails that just happened to be caught on video.  Out of the gate a very confident old girl thinks she's got it all figured on the GHD but after second guessing herself the gravitational force we all know and love got the best of her.  Next we head to the hills of West Virginia where we find some good old boy having a little fun back in the hollers until Junior grabbed a workout ball and told Jim Bob to get the truck.  If you listen closely you can here Junior say "Hold my beer and watch this."  Now we can neither confirm nor deny that alcohol was involved in this video but all sign have pointed to yes.  

They rolled into another video where an amazing acrobatic performance on the beach that took a turn for the worst after Evil Knievel lunched himself off of a make shift trampoline in the sand.  And last but not least they dug up and old video from when John Fosco tried spotting Jacob Pontius on the smith machine bench press.  Now if you ask John about this he will deny it till the cows come home but we have the video to prove it.  John has stated that his best bench press came on the smith machine with 405lbs.  Oh yea and they also ran into a dynamic butterfly at the end.  If you are looking for a good laugh, highly recommend giving this baby a watch.  If you have any Epic Gym Fails make sure to either DM us or tag us @maxeffortmuscle


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