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Everyone has probably seen Happy Gilmore at least once in there life or maybe you've caught the classic Caddy Shack movie????  If you haven't seen either of these films then you might live under a rock....Anyway, we decided to load the clubs up and head out to the range to enjoy a beautiful day in Ohio. (side note: It was actually kinda shitty)  Upon our arrival we received a FaceTime call from the boss man CoryG who was unfortunately unable to join us in the festivities but rather was on his way to our manufacture finishing up the Tri-Blend Creatine which will be coming VERY SOON!!!!  

How far can you hit a putter off the tee you might ask?  We decided to put a distance on her just in case we would ever find ourselves with the putter being the only club left in the bag maybe after a not so great day on the course.  Now there is a little back story here and that is that 3 out of the 5 guys in this video are former golfers.  It will be hard to tell because everyone swings the club so graciously but see if you can pick them out.  Hot Shot Jeremy Hanna looks to keep his winning streak alive after winning all of the Max Effort Challenges so far.  Give the play button the old tap tap taparoo to check out the action and remember, It's All In The Hips!


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