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Here at Max Effort we like to have fun and sometimes that fun includes setting up a football field in Cory's back yard and bringing former NFL Pro and Ohio State Buckeyes running back Daniel BOOM Herron in to comment and show us how this football combine thing works.  In the Max Effort Football Combine the events will be Field Gaol Kicking, L-Drill, 40-Yard Dash, Broad Jump, and 225 Bench Max Rep.

In the first event the guys put up a decent display of kicking together.  From 10 yards out most up the guys made it but Dustin Myers was the first one eliminated from the competition.  After some promising warm-up kicks, Dustin just couldn't find the elevated yellow sticks in competition.

Back it up to the 20 and its starts to get a little bit trickier after Jeremy decided to do the Fred Flintstone twinkle toes approach and bounced it off the the cross bar for his first kick.  But after some coaching from BOOM to tighten up his form he nailed the second one.  

Move her on back to the 30 and the field goal post must have started to get a little blurry for the guys.  After the commentators picked Alex to win, he epically let them down with a bad case of the shanks.  Cory capitalized after all of the guys left the door open.  BUT WAIT!!!  Who is this guy coming onto the field in a suit??? Is that THE BOOM Herron???  YES!  BOOM comes in cold off the mic and drains the 30 yarder to put a little pressure on Cory.

After backing it up to the 40, Cory drained his first kick and it was all up to BOOM to make it happen.  Looking very well dressed on the field BOOM lets it fly but comes up short giving the win to Cory. 

With the first event done in the Max Effort Football Combine there is plenty more great action and bloopers to come so give this video a click and stay tuned for more great live action to come!


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